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home feed mill

Feed pelletizing is not a strange topic now for many people, especially those who own farms. Though the development of pellet production facilitate feeding, it might be not enough to accelerate the balance of nutrition for certain animals. If you have good recipe that can help livestock grow faster and healthier, a home feed mill is a good choice for many farmers. With feed mill for home use you can easily process raw material into feed pellets which are most proper for livestock.

home feed mill home feed pellet mill
Home Feed Mill ( Motor ) Home Feed Mill ( Covered Motor )

Technical Parameters

Model Power Capacity Weight(NW/GW) Packing Size
ZLSP-200B 7.5KW (3phase) 200-300 kg/h 200/230kg 1650*820*1200mm
ZLSP-230B 11KW (3phase) 300-400 kg/h 290/320kg 1050*480*930mm
ZLSP-260B 15KW (3phase) 400-600 kg/h 320/360kg 1180*540*1000mm
ZLSP-300B 22KW (3phase) 600-800 kg/h 350/380kg 1240*540*950mm
ZLSP-200C 7.5KW (3phase) 200-300 kg/h 210/230kg 1050*550*830mm
ZLSP-230C 11KW (3phase) 300-400 kg/h 290/320kg 1200*560*950mm
ZLSP-260C 15KW (3phase) 400-600 kg/h 340/370kg 1240*580*1000mm
ZLSP-300C 22KW (3phase) 600-800 kg/h 425/465kg 1300*620*1100mm

Home feed mill developed by GEMCO, the professional feed pellet equipment manufacturer, is hot sale products. Compared with ring die pellet mill, feed mill for home use can work flexibly and portably at any time and any place as you want. It makes processing feed pellets an easy work. Because home feed mill has compact structure, efficient production, easy operation and convenient maintenance. While the feed pellets with smooth and dense have good digestion and palatability as you need productively. Furthermore, you make the feed pellets with a home feed mill; you will learn much information from practical operation. For instance, you will learn how to make feed pellet at home or how to adjust the moisture content of raw material. This will save your more time to raise livestock and make feed pellets.

High Quality Parts of Home Feed Mill

feed mill spare part roller an d die die
Main components are made of alloy steel, so that the durability is strengthened. Rollers and die have uniform specification so that replacement is available. Both sides of dies are applicable so that the usage life is prolonged.

The feed mill for home use applies flat die design. When it works, the die will rotate to produce a great force and high temperature between rollers and itself. Under the joint effort of both, raw material will be fermented and compressed to die holes. After being cut to uniform length, clean and nutritious pellets are formed.

Features of Home Feed Mill

  • Under the joint efforts of moisture, heat and pressure, starches inside feed materials will gelatinize during processing. This combines the feed material compactly and improves the pellet quality.
  • The pellet form of feed efficiently avoids animals picking for favored ingredients so that balanced nutrition can be promised.
  • Fermenting to the feed material during pelletizing gives feed a better tasty and digestibility that will accelerate animal growing faster and healthier.
  • After processing, some certain disease can be avoided.
  • The uniform size and good intensity make pellets easy to be stored and transported conveniently. You can seal pellets to avoid damp and degeneration.