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chicken feed mill

Today the chicken feed pellet mill is becoming more and more popular in the breeding industry. The reason is that considering energy saving, feed pellets is inevitable choice for breeding field. And the raw material mainly from grains covers a wide scope like corn, wheat and other agricultural straw, which is easy to get. It is a good way to solve the storage of grains and agricultural wastes. Therefore, this feed pellet mill is also suitable for farm use.

Detailed Introduction of Chicken Feed Mill

chicken feed millchicken feed pellet mill

Technical Parameters

Model Power Capacity Weight(NW/GW) Packing Size
ZLSP-150B 4KW (3phase) 90-120 kg/h 95/110kg 800*450*700mm
ZLSP-200B 7.5KW (3phase) 200-300 kg/h 200/230kg 1650*820*1200mm
ZLSP-230B 11KW (3phase) 300-400 kg/h 290/320kg 1050*480*930mm
ZLSP-260B 15KW (3phase) 400-600 kg/h 320/360kg 1180*540*1000mm
ZLSP-300B 22KW (3phase) 600-800 kg/h 350/380kg 1240*540*950mm

Chicken and Chicken Feed

chickenchicken feed pellet

Adopting advanced technology, the chicken feed pellet mill can reduce the wear of roller and die and energy consumption. Considering the wide scope of raw material, chicken feed pellet mill equips with double motor belt driving system, which is of small occupation, uniform stress, simple structure and easy operation. Customers can change motor and die to meet different production capacities. In addition, the customers who own a big farm, you can choose a PTO feed mill, as long as you own a tractor. It is very flexible and convenient to move and operate. On the farm, you not only harvest the grains but also make grains into feed pellets for chicken with PTO feed mill. Thereby chicken feed pellet mill is favored by the breeding industry.

Chicken Feed Mill Used in Farm

PTO feed mill connect with tractor
PTO Feed Mill PTO Feed Mill Connect with Tractor

Compared with the powder feed, the feed pellets include multiple raw materials as well as comprehensive nutrition. And the chicken feed pellets can keep uniformity in the step of storage, transportation and feed. Furthermore, abundant data have reported that chicken feed pellets have the capacity to reduce the loss during processing feed. In terms of compound chicken feed, all needed nutrition has been mixed together to make feed pellets, which is tasty for chicken. Moreover, it is easy to absorb and digest for chicken.